production timeline 


quoting process
1-3 days

We are ready to provide you with our best prices for development, prototyping, and sample creation, as well as cutting, sewing, and packaging for all your designs. We take into consideration the type of product, volume, and delivery timelines.

sampling and prototypes
1-2 weeks

In the prototype development process, we gather all the information provided by our client and conduct a meeting, entrusting the account responsibility to an experienced pattern maker from our team. Alongside their team of seamstresses, they take on the task of meticulously crafting the requested garment, paying maximum attention to every detail to get client approval

sourcing fabrics/trims
1-2 weeks

We are partners with leading suppliers in Colombia for fabrics, nickel-free hardware suitable for sea and pool use, rubber, elastic, foam cups, rods, packaging, and labels. In this process, the timeline can be quite short if the materials align with our available factory portfolio. However, in the case of dyeing or printing developments, it may take longer.

cutting/embroidery/ printing
1-2 weeks

We have an excellent team for industrial fabric cutting, equipped with over 40 meters of cutting tables. Additionally, we possess an 8-head industrial embroidery machine and a printing area with the capability to sublimate neon colors directly onto fabric, reaching a capacity of over 30,000 square meters per month. All these processes are carried out in our production plant to prevent delays in orders and meet our clients’ target dates effectively

2-4 weeks

Over 200 dedicated manufacturing partners stand ready to produce over 100,000 garment units monthly within our expansive warehouse spanning more than 50,000 square feet. Our team operates with state-of-the-art and efficient machinery, enabling us to consistently achieve the high quality and productivity essential for successful business operations

quality inspection
at same time of manufacturing

We have a specialized team dedicated to conducting quality tests and ensuring that the checking system at each critical point is rigorously implemented. Additionally, we collaborate closely with external companies such as INTERTEK and BUREAU VERITAS for impartial audits. These organizations perform inspections as per customer requirements, both before, during, and after the garment manufacturing process.

freight SHIPMENT
5-10 days

Experience consistently short delivery times with our USA-wide express shipping service. Between Colombia and the United States, we offer an approximate delivery time of 5 days via maritime shipping and 3 days for volumetric loads due to our close proximity. Our freight agents are highly experienced in handling textile products and are adept at supervising to meet origin criteria, ensuring access to the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.

tracking and after sales service
1-2 months

If you have any complaints or concerns, even if you have questions about unpacking your product, you are entitled to a warranty period of up to two months. During this time, our sales team will provide support and guidance to address any concerns or complaints related to your product. Whether you have feedback to improve future orders, we value your comments and will be attentive to your input.

vertical integration to achieve deadline times



glue bonding

laser cutting

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